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    Best in the world?

    We believe that you will not find a safer data destruction service anywhere no matter the price.
    On top of that we charge a lot less then similar (not equal) services.

    If you find a service anywhere that is safer OR cheaper, please let us know. Because we don't think it exists.
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    Price list revised 18 Jun 2010




    Welcome To The DDD

    We don't need to explain why you should make sure that some information needs to be destroyed forever. It may be personal record, financial or other.
    The fact is that third party can read hard drives, and such, from computers even if you have "deleted" the information.
    The process "of making sure" that your information cannot be retrieved by anyone is rather complicated for non-technical people.
    We believe that we are doing a good thing by helping to protect the integrity of private citizens, organizations and corporations.
    Volunteers from perform all work and they receive no payment. They are in most cases scientists or "techies" simply wanting to support Our idea is to give 1 US$ for each disk processed. They have very little need for money - it's basically just to buy some computer hardware every now and then.  This explains why the DDD prices are so fantastically low.

    Organizations the we judge to work for improving things for mankind can receive this service at no cost. (!)

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    The Data Destruction Department

    Price List revised 18 Jun 2010!